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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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i want to thank senator leo this will preserve the ellis act but we have an incredibly unanticipated loophole it's allowed landlord to buy and evict and flip properties. a 5 year requirement is the purpose of ellis act was to allow loans to get into the business that's not what the folks are about i look forward to move forward this forward and january 7th our board of supervisors unanimously supported a resolution that i sponsored along with supervisor campos and mayor ed lee and others to make sure this kind of legislation move forward we need help from sacramento and stand united for our city thank you
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very much >> (clapping) >> thank you, president chiu and senator leno to the assembly members and the board of supervisors as well as our labor parents and business community. we have differences of opinion but the fact we have a united front representing the spectrum telling you what's happening here in with the legislation there's something different. i want to commend mayor ed lee it's important to recognize it's the first time we've had a mayor of san francisco to come out to say we need to reform the ellis act. i wanted to thank you for the opportunity to thanks senator leno and assemblyman who introduced the bill. i represent dignity 9 which
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includes the neighborhoods find mission and portal. the mission has the largest number of evictions in the city it's ground sdoerp for whaep to the city. it's sad to see the democrats i think while we dangerous about whether or not we need an ellis act if you really building the ellis act is needed to allow long-term alongside to get out of the business then you want to see to support the ellis act to be used by spectators and on monday and tuesday decide to flip the properties. the property rights that are being demonstrated about are not the rights implemented here. those are not property rights
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this is simply to speculate and a make a quick buck. those who want to support the ellis act you have an incentive to cord and make sure that the 5 year requirements the landlords are allowed to get out of business not only the people who are spectators thank you (clapping.) >> thank you senator leno for holding this conventions. i'm here on behalf of the boss. the type of ellis act ventilations has resign to the power point we need to take objection r action people are being pushed out.
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i wholeheartedly support the ellis act. i introduced the bill that will give the county the power to put an moratorium on the ellis act. we need to protect tenants and those bills are part of the solution >> thank you is a willful arrest. observer next speakers will be the coalition of our labor leaders first ron conway the founder of sf dot city and followed by i'm going to ask someone else to speak. go. ron cop way >> thank you it's a pleasure to be here as mark leno said i'm ron conway i'm the chairman and
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founder of sf city that represents almost 1 thousand tech companies in the city of san francisco. our thousand members represents 10 of thousands of tech workers in san francisco. let me say loudly and proudly and clearly a vast majority of the tech community wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in supporting steps to stop the speculative evictions that are putting long time residents at risk including the receipt of this building one of whom is a tech worker.
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entry-level tech workers are impacted by rising housing costs just like everyone else (clapping) i'm proud to be joined by sales and mark and the board of directors of sf city who are going to be fearless and relentless in getting this legislation passed. we will broadcast our support in sacramento and are thankful to mark leno for supporting in legislation we also want to address common challenges shoulder to shoulder on san francisco transportation and education and especially affordability. we shouldn't be shouting out at each other we should be working together to make sure that
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everyone shares in the new economy and build nor affordable housing and keep people in their homes. that starts with passing this legislation. sf city and the tech community will get even more involved in housing and all i can say is stay tuned. (clapping.) >> ms. moore rank was supposed to be here i'm not an adequate substitute for sister moraine they're the folks who serve as the can he recall property in san francisco i can, however, report the san francisco
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construction industry the delegates volted to endorse the sfarts bill. we're the folks who live in the rental unit in san francisco. although we in the building trade absolutely support of the construction of new housing for new resident and our own expanding families on the other hand, we absolutely oppose the eviction of resident so we support the legislation. i've have noubl no doubt others will follow our lead. thank you >> thank you ron and mike your joining forces with us will
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help. we're going to hear from a few people first dean of tenants together and others fighting battles on behalf of tonight's it has a real history the ellis act and we'll hear from two tenant. welcome dean preston >> thank you very much. dean preston with tenants together with the stating organizations. what an credible coalition thank you mayor ed lee and senator leno and president chiu and others supervisors how are the hero. i look at this coalition for the
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much needed reform of the ellis act i ask myself why has this coalition come together there are two answers the people being impacted the victim of those out of control ellis act ventilations those are the fantastic of the community and one thing we often don't mention those are tenants that are accused of doing nothing wrong paid their represent and want to stay in their homes they're the fabric of our community many are seniors and sdabltd resident. the second reason we can all agree on one thing the rising speculative abuse of the ellis act it's foundationally wrong and that senator leno's evolutions targets the use of
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spectators and reverse the ellis act back to its oriental purpose which was to provide landlords who were it is the duty of being landlords and at the time was called the perm and psychological issue. the building behind us you'll hear from tenants the specific latter invoked the ellis act just two months after buying the property so to spectators like this if you don't want to be a landlord don't purpose the property. thank you (clapping.) thank you. i'm randy shaw i'm director the housing clinic.
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thank you our tech friday nights there's a lot of misinformation the tech is against this i want to remind you when i was following the ellis act in 189 plus the assemblyman the morning after the bill passed he said randy don't worry about this we'll put in the language to protect the tenant. the court got into it and a series of insane court decisions nrlgd it to be a speculative tool. the chronicle wrote this morning the ellis act has failed. in the 99 we worked with the state senate and passed sweeping changes which overturned 4 court of appeals laws they said you
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can demolish any building without replacing it in 2003 working with senator loren we got it excluded from the ellis act today, if we hadn't gun control this updated half of chinatown would be demolished today to build high-rises that are so we've had answer the question and with mayor ed lee philosophy of bringing the city together i optional - am optimistic we can win in sacramento >> we here a lot of talk about what's in the ellis act what the intention should be and the evictions sometimes, it's too easy to forget the real human
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impact of what an ellis act eviction means i'm pleased we have to tenants who are here today to share it's not an easy story to hear but keep this in mind. please welcome this gentleman who has experienced the ellis act used on her and her family. (clapping.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is an explanation lee for the past two years i struggled with the ellis act
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having been one of those who were evicted from the ellis act and for me it's hard to put both brief words of how the past two years have been it's been hard. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i hope i stand before you what i really hope is no one will be evicted and face the ellis act. i hope our city and city officials and politicians will step up and i'm glad to see today that change w will happen
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i hope that will be preserved for a city for people and a city four for our residents and to stay in our homes >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so that we can live in harm many especially those who are seniors and frail and old. thank you (clapping.) thank you, ms. lee and our last speakers or speaker is in district 8 please welcome jeremy michael's (clapping.) my name is jeremy michael's i'm
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a senior living with hiv aids i've been fight for my rent control home of 19 years and ultimately from san francisco itself without the protection of rent control i wouldn't be able to live her. two years ago my building was sold to releasing spectators who's wanted to make that a single-family unit. within two months of the purpose they hazed me to vacate along with an ellis act eviction. i delighted those offers one by one i received an ventilation under the ellis act which technically i had one year to
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vacant. i put up a website site and a joined with the eviction free folks of san francisco a coalition and getting miff a great lawyer steve callingier here today with steve's help my eviction was quashed due to a technologist of how the ellis act was done. i was protect i didn't for others there's no relief. currently my status is in limbo, however, they can still reellis me at any time. my eviction story like many others before me and since and including that of ms. lee and the lee family and those of the
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senior and sdabltd folks go through the ellis act illustrate the need for reforming of the ellis act. especially the loophole that exists in the law today. the bill that senator leno put forward will get back to the original act letting landlords get out of the business and not displacing tenants. help to differentiate between the landlords and the specific last year's. the larpdz will have to be landlords for 5 years before going back going out of
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business. and one going out of business with one property be can't sell and use the ellis act gunning again on another property. this will perhaps take away the ability of aspect larts to harass tenants to vacant by threatening them with an ellis act ventilation. those threats have been commonly used by housing organizations to have resulted in four to five more times in evictions so i fully support this legislation and urge the state lufrz to do the same. thank you
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(clapping) thank you, thank you mr. michael's we're happy to take any questions >> is the property (inaudible) of this building two families want to move in they can't (inaudible). >> current state law prohibits the ellis act unit from being rerented in 5 years. the new person who's had the property a short time did the evicting. the prior landlords for more than 5 years could have gunning duplicate the eviction but even though there's a significant financial noosh to sell an empty building they still don't sell the building because there are a
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human connection. they sell it to a aspect latter n who in this case specifically wanted said to his lawyer i don't want any connection with my tenants because it's harder when the human heart it involved. we think that won't end the problem but we'll see it decrease significantly >> tim you had a question. >> i haven't talked to them but there's been reference to assemblyman bill and my understanding is from what i said is that it will give authority to san francisco to be able to consider a more tomb on
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the ellis act eviction. >> i want to ask the gentleman. >> mr. michael's. >> sure jeremy you have a question about you're low bow out question. >> first a they offered 15 thousand then thirty and was that low. >> considering in my neighborhood castro one bedroom apartment is about $3,200 a month. >> how much are you paying. >> 9 hundred and 42. >> they want you to leave. >> no, i have one year to leave the building under the ellis act. >> by law. >> by law. >> they wanted me to move out in 3 months. you have a to release that taxed
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will be involved after taxed and moving expenses and, you know, coming up with knows taking out a deposit rent deposit and everything else pretty much a lot of folks don't figure that in but in this city you wouldn't last long. >> one last question. >> why do you think the small property owners have to subsidies them in 18970 rent we're paying when we have to pay (inaudible) to keep our buildings maiden you're the cause of this you and all your lufrz are the cause of those there are 15 empty properties within a block of my house and
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you fellows are all the cause. >> i think the question has to do with rent control but this bill differentiates between small property owners and deep pocketed aspect larts we want to protect you're right to use the ellis act as written but not abuseed. >> i'm not talking about - >> i'm clarifying what we're doing (clapping.) . if there was a question i'll take that i know we have a united voice and not only getting this to the governors desk but make sure he signs it as well >> thank you all for
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>> good morning, everyone, happy thursday and welcome to the march 20, 2014 meeting of the board of supervisors, neighborhood services and safety committee my name is david campos and i am the chair of the committee and we are joined by norman yee and vice chair eric mar is in route. i would like to thank the clerk of the committee derek evans and sfgtv staff who are
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covering the meeting today, jim smith and john ross, mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> thank you, mr. chair, please be sure to silence all cell phones and devices, copies should be submitted to the clerk, items acted upon today will appear on the april first agenda unless otherwise stated. >> call item one. >> item one is a hearing requesting presentations for member of the long term care integration design group and the department of aging and adult services on the long term care integration strategic plan and the report to process of the developing of the plan and the challenges objectives and recommendations. >> this has been called by supervisor yee and so i will turn it over to supervisor yee. >> thank you, chair campos. >> good morning, the development and the implementation of california's coordinated care initiative, the state has begun the process
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of integrating healthcare and supportive social services while looking to reduce escalating healthcare costs. from that, the desired results are a more well coordinated healthcare system, bitter health out comes for consumers and greater control on spending, in december of 2011, care, coordinating council in collaboration with the department of aging and adult services appointed the long term care integration design group. and the purposes for them was to explore the potential for long term care integration in san francisco. number two, determine what is required to improve the provision of long term services and supports that will benefit adults and adults with disabilities, and number three, give a long term care integration strategic plan that includes recommendations. i asked for today's hearing for
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several reasons, number one, this was presented to my office a few months ago, and i was thoroughly impressed with not only the recommendation, but as i understand the process, i was pretty impressed with the process also in terms of how they were working with many, many departments in the city, and the state corridors and so forth to come up with these recommendations. and not only as we take on the legislation that we just passed and as we move forward with the amendment and public education and the funds, and when we reduce the integration and we
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want to work with the city departments. and the other reason why i wanted to highlight this was because in san francisco we are getting older in san francisco, and the percentage of the population of people that are seniors have grown, and will continue to grow. so, it is funny these issues were ahead of the curve some what on this. because this is going to come and is coming fast. and then, the other reason is, i am getting to the age where i have to worry about this stuff too, so this is all personal for me. so today, presenting will be ann hilton from the department of aging and adult services who is the director there, elen from the life works and long term


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